• If you see this, just know this, I am really disappointed and upset that you left during our RP, the story was coming along great, I have no idea what happened, and what caused you to leave, but you did anyway, you didn't listen when I asked you to come back to skype repeatedly, you know what I mean when you read my messages on Wikia and DA.

    I am not mad at you, but the whole situation, and when you get on skype, whenever that is, you will know I left the RP group we were on, you left, so I left too, I want you to leave the group, so I can make a new group. Tomorrow I do not want a repeat of what happened, so please for now on do not leave skype, unless you say BRB (Be Right Back) or GTG (Got To Go) Ok?

    All I really wanted out of today, was to enjoy a nice evening doing an RP with you, that is all I really wanted today, tomorrow I want a normal day doing an RP with you, that is all I really wanted to do today, tomorrow, I want to relax, chat and rp, so please don;t leave me, I've had enough frustration as it is, and I have not alot of friends, and my only closest friends are you, Stan and a few other people I know on skype. Please for the rest of this week, if you leave because of lags, just message me on the wiki or DA, so I know why you left, if you don't say anything, I will only get paranoid, messaged you over 1000 times an hour, and goto bed depressed because you didn't message me why you left.

    So please remember to message me why you leave, if you ever unexpectedly vanish from skype,and also warn me you will vanish from skype, if you are having lags, I hate these repeats of you leaving skype, and me messaging you hour after hour, trying to get you to get back on skype, just warn me that you might vanish cause of lags or whatever it is that makes you leave, but mostly, for the rest of the week please stay on skype, so we can chat, enjoy RPs and have fun torturing wildcats. I really miss you WIld, and wish you were on right now.

    So please tomrrow, will you come on skype and wait for me to come on after I get back from gym? I be expecting you to be on skype when I do get back from gym. Nikolai Banks (talk) 02:52, June 23, 2015 (UTC)

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