This is a list of couples, where couples are listed in Canons, Fanons and Canons and Fanons.


This is a list where chars have been in both Canon or Fanon Couple.

Main Couples

  1. Nikolai and Wildy. (Canon and Fanon)
  2. Hera and Jason
  3. Kriasha and Blizzard Valentine; have a daughter named Amy), wolverine cub with wildcat stripes)
  4. Niko and Rosemarie (Canon and Fanon)
  5. Jiaying (Tigress) and Aeon, adopted babies are Hun, (baby haremaid) and Hao, (Baby crane)
  6. Destiny and Devana (Canon and Fanon)
  7. Vince and Rake

Secondary Couples

Coming Soon.

Incest Couples.

  1. Thomas and Jasmine (Fanon or Canon, two fox twins who are attracted to each other due to a curse placed on them when they were pups)
  2. Marcus and Sara (Fanon or Canon, two hares who are naturally attracted to each other.)